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Tokyo Marui Model 18c Electric Semi/Full Auto Pistol


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Tokyo Marui Model 18c Electric AEP Pistol


Redesigned and re-imagined by Tokyo Marui! The internals have been improved for longer life

The Model 18c is a replica of the real steel Glock 18c, electric is convenient for players who want a more reliable secondary with consistency, less maintenance, and far less weight than most GBB versions


  • Improved metal gearbox internals for improved reliability and consistency
  • Semi & Full auto firing modes on a selector located on the back of the slider, functions just like the real steel
  • Replicated Glock 18c compensator design
  • 3rd Generation style rail underneath for tactical flashlights
  • Convenient micro battery placement underneath the slider, between the barrel and the lower receiver (7.2v – 7.4v only)
  • Die cast thin 3o+1rd type magazine, fantastic size for carrying MORE magazines on the go
  • Weight 1.0kg


Note: This is the NON-BLOW BACK version


The Arena Members discount price: $359.10

* S43A Police mail order form + proof of airsoft club membership will be required for sale*


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