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Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD Nextgen


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Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD Next-Gen shock Recoil AEG


Tokyo Marui are at it again… This time reproducing the latest tactical version of the standard issue M4A1 Carbine

The SOPMOD… AKA the Special Operations Peculiar Modification kit is an accessory system for a few rifles including the M4A1, mainly used the USSOCOM forces

The SOPMOD allowed for a plethora of attachments, which opened the options for operators to tailor their rifles EXACTLY the way they wanted them on the field


When duty calls as silent and swift a it always does… The SOPMOD was ready to be customized on the fly


Tokyo Marui wanted superior design to meet realistic consistent results… A perfect candidate for the NEXT GEN Tokyo Marui series


  • Shoot & Recoil engine (designed entirely by Tokyo Marui) works precisely with your trigger play
  • Auto stop system for when your magazine is empty and needs to be swapped
  • Crane stock for easily adaptable CQB and longer range comfort
  • High quality rail & receiver design typical of Tokyo Marui
  • Reverse 14mm thread for barrel attachments (Gun comes with a screw on flash hider)
  • Superior quality Steel press 82+1 round magazine


The Arena Member discount price: $1079.10


* S43A Police mail order form + proof of airsoft club membership will be required for sale*





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