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Nano-Tech Li-Po Smart Charger


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Nano-Tech Li-Po Smart Charger

Automatic smart balance charger for the 7.4v & 11.1v Li-Po batteries.
Charges and balances Li-Po batteries & will automatically stop when battery is charged.

There is 3x LED’s on the charger. Each LED represents 1 cell. i.e. When you plug in a flat 7.4v (2 cell) , 2 LED’s will glow red to represent 2 cell battery is being charged. When you plug in a flat 11.1v (3 cell), 3 LED’s will glow red. Once the charging process is completed all 3 LED’s will glow Green.

Note this charger does not have a inbuilt cooling fan, please charge your batteries on a cold surface to try minimize the charger heating up and burning out! If you have multiple batteries to charge, its good practice to give the charger about an hours rest before charging your next battery. Cool down time is also dependent on the temperature of the charger and environment you are charging your battery.


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