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Madbull M4/M16 Ultimate Hop


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Madbull M4/M16 Ultimate Hop Unit

Chamber Lock: Designed by Brian Holt. With this new hop up design you will not have to worry about losing and dropping several bbs with a magazine change. This new design provides you with a way to keep bbs in your AEG and ready to use and not on the floor and even better it stabilizes the top of the magazine to ensure a secure and flawless feed of bbs into the AEG.

CAUTION: This hop up unit is designed for the experienced and responsible Airsoft player. With the magazine removed the AEG is still able to fire several bbs. Always wear safety goggles and treat all Airsoft weapons as if they were loaded.

Easy Adjustment Wheel device (Use TM G36 style Hop Unit design)

Tracer LED Unit (Optional, Sold separately)

The LED Tracer Unit: You can buy it separately and attached to the Hopup unit. Use your AEG battery and connect to your Tracer Unit. The LED can brighten the tracer BB when BBs are in the chamber.


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