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Madbull Havoc DELUXE grenadier


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Madbull Havoc DELUXE grenadier pack


The die hard built Havoc in its final form! The Grenade launcher built for the grenadier or support needing the spread… or the firepower

This pack makes the Havoc into an entire secondary weapon, just like the LMT 203 module grenade launcher with the stock included

Designed for increased comfort, accuracy, and recoil control specifically for projectile launchers & other high powered airsoft grenades

Take advantage of the comfort & accuracy for accurate, reliable infantry control in the heat of the milsim, or as an anti-vehicle weapon

Pack comes with the Adjustable stock, grip, Havoc 12″ Launcher + Rail adapter

BYOG = Bring your own grenades! Adapts to most ICS, Madbull, and King arms Grenades… Work a treat with Airsoft innovations 40 Mikes!

*Grenades not included, sold separately

* S43A Police mail order form + proof of airsoft club membership will be required for sale*


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