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z KSC Mac-11


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KSC M11A1 Gas Blow Back Airsoft SMG (Version 2)
New System 7
Metal Bolt Version
Fully & Semi Automatic sub-machine gun

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1:1 Ratio airsoft replica M11A1 Sub-Machine Gun (Version 2)
Gas Blow Back Submachine Gun with Fully & Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode
ALL NEW SYSTEM 7 from KSC means enhanced Magazine, Barrel Loading Muzzle & Outer Barrel Assembly Design
Metal Bolt Upgrade offer click & crispy blow back action
Gas Blow Back Job is solid & quick as previous version
Each cycling will open & close the breach cover
Metal Made New System 7 Magazine is accommodate 29 Rounds Loading Capacity (Not compatible with previous version magazine)
3 seconds can empty entire magazine rounds
Realistic cocking lever must be pulled to load first round
(Note: Bolt must be cocked to pull down the empty magazine)
Retractable metal stock (248mm to 410mm)
Powerful blow back kick with loud sound


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