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ICS M1 Garand


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ICS M1 Garand AEG.
Full metal with real wood stock
Unique serial number and markings engraved on every receiver
42 Round silent magazine

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  • ICS M1 Garand
  • Manufacturer: ICS Taiwan
  • Brief
    As a part of the history and almost 70 years past, people still remember the image that en clips lay down in foxhole, the noise of “Ping” sound, and the smell of 30-06 rounds. All these combined with courage, honour and discipline had created stories to share. All of these stories build up a role model to follow. From WWII, Korea to Vietnam, The war has changed, but the spirits are never fade away. A Legend that ICS shouldn’t miss, The M1 Garand.
  • Real Wood Stock
    Linseed oil is recommended for maintenance of the stock. Cut from one piece of real wood by the CNC process of a real M1, every M1 Stock has a unique wood grain.
  • Bolt carrier 
    Bolt carrier can be lock at rear after rack the bolt carrier backward, then press the magazine. It helps you to adjust Hop-Up.
  • Front & Rear Sight, Engraved Reciever
    Realistic front and rear sight, windage and elevation adjustable. Unquie serial number marking on receiver.
  • Immersive Trigger Assembly
    Realistic assembly, safety functions like the real rifle.
  • One Piece HOP-UP Chamber
    One piece HOP-UP chamber lets the BBs be fed smoothly, and avoids feeding problem from HOP-UP misplacement. In addition, the newly designed adjusting ring makes the HOP-UP adjustment much easier and smoother.
  • New Generation Gear Box
    This gear box is designed to use 8mm bearings which makes gears more stable and quiet.
  • Turbo 3000
    High end ICS Turbo 3000, build for the high torque gears and high FPS spring, is the most durable motor by ICS.
  • New CNC Steel Gears
    Assembled with upgraded steel gear set.
  • Nylon Fiber Piston
    The new piston body is made of Nylon fiber filler reinforcement and now the standard on every ICS AEG for delivering better
    performance and better service life. The cylinder head of 8 orifices enhances air suction and discharge, and thus the piston
    runs more smoothly. Consequently in air compressing, it gives less stress to the spring, piston, gears, and motor;
    whereas in air releasing, the O-ring expands to make better air-sealing and to deliver a more powerful firing rate.
  • Low Resistance Switch Assembly And Mini Fuse
    AEGs are powered by electricity; therefore, it’s very important to design and setup a low current resistance operating environment
    for AEGs. ICS deploys new conductor material on switch plate to eliminate the resistance which caused by heat.
    Also the trigger contact switch is made hollow and robust of enhanced heat dissipation configuration. The new low resistance
    switch assembly provides the best efficiency. We also takes new 16AWG wire and new Mini fuse on ICS products. All
    contact points are nickel plated and also the mini fuse to lower the electric resistance. The electric current is much stable
    and produces less heat. In short, with all of these enhancements, ICS assures the AEGs perform at low electric resistance,
    spark free, and extended service life.
    All internal wire is upgrade to 16 AWG Teflon wire, it withstands a rating voltage of 300V, temperature 200 degrees Celsius, resistance
    15.6 ohm/km and 17.0 AMR capacitance, and is the highest quality standard applied in the AEG industry.
  • Cylinder Head & Air Nozzle
    One piece cylinder head and additional O-ring inside the air nozzle to increase the air tightness.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 120 x 12 x 20 cm


Shooting Mode


Muzzle Velocity

375-410fps (0.2g BB's)

Magazine Capacity

42 6mm BB's



Barrel Length



Wood, Metal

Gearbox Version



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