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ICS CXP Honey Badger Custom – SSS MOSFET


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ICS CXP Honey Badger Custom AEG

This is ICS with a whole lot more beast out of the box… Unleash the beast!

This is a re-worked ICS CXP with the entire SSS M.A.R.S benefits like…

– Full Auto / Burst fire selection (Replaces full-auto fire mode)
– Low battery protection to prevent battery damage
– MOSFET electronic trigger system
– Dual MOSFET power monitoring
– Fast, reliable, lifelong reliability

The SSS mosfet is a powerful, yet affordable choice for guns, fantastic for players looking for longevity within their platform

This Custom build also features…

– Madbull NVFH Loundener for a louder *pop* with every shot
– VFC quick release quick detach tactical stock for universal short/long usage
– Tubular stock + upgraded grip for ergonomic glorious comfort
– lightweight compact design for CQB, or Greenfield
– 16mm Thread for flashhiders, tracer units, or silencers
– 20mm rails on tubular barrel for flashlight/laser attachments
– M100 Spring within an ICS split-mech spring system
– Designed for Airsoft plastic 6mm B.B only

Package includes

– ICS CXP Honeybadger custom AEG Rifle
– 1x 300 round magazine
– 1x 500 B.B bag of ICS B.B’s
– ICS standard flip up iron sights
– Madbull NVFH Loundener
– VFC quick release quick detach tactical stock
– A whole lotta gun for an awesome price!

Batteries, charger & Sight not included, sold separately


The Arena Members discount price: $994


* S43A Police mail order form + proof of airsoft club membership will be required for sale*


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