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GladiatAir Aluminium HPA 48ci Airtank + Tank Regulator


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GladiatAir Aluminium HPA Airtank A48 + Tank Regulator


These high-quality, aluminium, high-pressure air tanks are less expensive and much more durable than carbon fibre tanks. They are made in Taiwan by one of the world’s premium aluminium cylinder manufacturers and represent a great option for paintball fields rental fleet or if you are just starting out. They are great quality and highly durable at a lower price.



Globally Certified enabling use in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & North America.



Lasts your entire paintball playing a lifetime and can then be resold to another player.



Manufactured from quality materials and to the highest international standards.


Product Code Description Test Service Water Diameter Length Weight
Pressure PSI Pressure PSI Capacity ci Capacity ltr mm mm KG
A48 48ci Aluminium tank without regulator 4500 3000 48 0.79 91.2 279.5 1.14


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