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Gate WARFET AEG 1.1 control system mosfet


Factory genuine GATE EU parts

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  • The most universal & powerful mosfet by GATE (3rd Gen)
  • The Warfet system gives your AEG far more choice, and gives you HUGE bang for buck out of your weapon… And is the most universal feature mosfet we offer!
  • Comes with programming card for on the fly tuning
  • Compatible with LiPo (upto 14.8v) and LiFe, Standard circuitry trigger blocks & micro switch trigger systems
  • Pre-cock mode preps your spring to maximum compression, which boosts your trigger response
  • Designed as a Plug&Play system, you don’t need to remove anything in your gearbox, just tap the tracer wire into a standard trigger block circuit system + plug the WARFET into the deans/Tamiya input of your gun
  • Programmable flawless burst fire modes 1-5 round, the warfet also monitors the present voltages of the battery and adjusts the rate of fire as the battery voltages decrease over usage
  • Stock wiring config = SEMI / FULL – SEMI / BURST
  • Modded Wiring = SEMI / AUTO – SEMI / BURST – BURST / AUTO
  • Battery Protection will stop the gun firing when your batteries run too low
  • Smart Fuse will cut all power if the gun jams, short circuits, or overloads itself… Protecting your precious WARFET & internals! And works infinitely
  • Active braking will provide snappier & accurate cycles by reversing the motor during each cycle end. This can also increase overall gearbox life
  • Debouncing makes the WARFET compatible with micro switches, and prevents inconsistent trigger block resistance + contact. Prevents overheating


*Some assembly required, experience strongly recommended*


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