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Gate WARFET 1.1 Power Module


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Gate WARFET 1.1 Power Module unit Mosfet

Factory genuine GATE EU parts

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The most universal & powerful mosfet by GATE (3rd Gen)
The Warfet system gives your AEG far more choice, and gives you HUGE bang for buck out of your weapon… And is the most universal feature mosfet we offer!

  • Compatible with LiPo (upto 14.8v) and LiFe, Standard circuitry trigger blocks & micro switch trigger systems
  • Pre-cock mode preps your spring to maximum compression, which boosts your trigger response
  • Designed as a Plug&Play system, you don’t need to remove anything in your gearbox, just tap the tracer wire into a standard trigger block circuit system + plug the WARFET into the deans/Tamiya input of your gun
  • Programmable flawless burst fire modes 1-5 round, the warfet also monitors the present voltages of the battery and adjusts the rate of fire as the battery voltages decrease over usage
  • Stock wiring config = SEMI / FULL – SEMI / BURST
  • Modded Wiring = SEMI / AUTO – SEMI / BURST – BURST / AUTO
  • Battery Protection will stop the gun firing when your batteries run too low
  • Smart Fuse will cut all power if the gun jams, short circuits, or overloads itself… Protecting your precious WARFET & internals! And works infinitely
  • Active braking will provide snappier & accurate cycles by reversing the motor during each cycle end. This can also increase overall gearbox life
  • Debouncing makes the WARFET compatible with micro switches, and prevents inconsistent trigger block resistance + contact. Prevents overheating

*Some assembly required, experience strongly recommended* 

Programming card sold separately


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