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Gate TITAN V2 (Front wired) Advanced


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Gate TITAN V2 Gearbox (Front wired) Advanced MOSFET module – Full feature kit


Factory genuine GATE EU parts

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  • Put the next generation of combustibility into your AEG! Trustworthy GENUINE European made Gate TITAN, for the V2 Gearbox
  • Fine tune your AEG gun fire rates with active Braking!
  • Light sensors detect the position of your Trigger, fire selector, and sector gear position. Exploit the insane precision these systems have
  • AUG mode enables half trigger semi-auto, full trigger pull for auto-fire
  • Enable burst modes, adjust the trigger sensitivity, take control of how your guns perform out on the field
  • Connect to your mobile phone! GATE control station app now available for android
  • This advanced package includes
  • Pre-cocking combustibility
    Fire rate customization
    Sniper delay mode
    Equalizer support
    2 – 10 round burst modes
    full selector combustibility including semi, burst modes, and full auto
    Gun operation statistics
  • Drop in, Plug and play (we strongly recommend tuning with the Programming card, or the USB link + software for accurate results plus additional features)
  • Already upgraded to ADVANCED firmware features with all gate features included (See image)


Programming card + USB link all included within this package with USB micro & Type C Cables

*Experienced airsoft gearbox assembly required*


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